Verified Beef Support FAQ

  1. What is VB? 
    • Verified Beef provides “on-the-ground” audited verification programs for cow/calf producers and stocker operations for USDA Process Verification Programs (PVP). Some of these programs are required to enable the beef to be exported. Others are required for specific niche domestic markets.

  2. What does PVP mean?
    • The UDSA PVP Program is a format for companies to create a documented quality management system to address requirements that a company must develop, implement, and maintain to ensure product meets specified product requirements.

  3. How do I learn more about your programs?
    • Please click the Program Information menu item and download the appropriate program materials.

  4. How do I register for a new account?
    • Click on the Create Account Button at the top of the page and fill out the information via instructions to register for your free account.
  5. How do I get hold of someone at VB?
  6. Why can I not view the forms?
    • You may need to have the correct version of Adobe reader in order to open the forms properly. Select this link to get your free copy of Adobe Reader .